Laura Riaz

Digital Marketing Enfield, Hertfordshire & North London

Social Media Management

Social media couldn’t be any more important than it is today. We live and breathe social media and our phones are never far from our grasp. Each part of our day is played out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the world to see. Until recently, social media was used purely to connect with friends, share photos of our holidays, meals and events we’ve been to. But now it’s evolved into a vital tool for businesses of all kinds and it’s possible to build a career on social media – bloggers and vloggers being the perfect example.

That’s where I come in. Although I’m trained as a copywriter, I have found social media management to be the most popular service I offer to clients. All businesses are now expected to have active social media accounts to go along with their websites. It allows existing and potential clients to keep in touch with what you’re up to and benefit from offers you advertise.

My social media management service isn’t a one-size-fits-all, it completely depends on your requirements. You could be a brand new business that needs accounts setting up across all platforms, you could be an established business that doesn’t have the time to post regularly, or you could be a start up that needs to boost your marketing strategy. No matter which category you fit into, my social media management service includes:

  • Writing original copy for all posts
  • Sourcing suitable photos to accompany the copy
  • Scheduling posts up to a month in advance
  • Creating a list of relevant Facebook groups
  • Sharing posts on groups

Having a clear social media strategy will ensure that you have a strong online presence and can grow your business effectively. It’s not just about results, it’s about having fun with your posts and creating something special. For more information or to enquire about pricing, email me on