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Measuring your success

In life, we all make up our own minds about what success looks like. To one person, it could be owning a top-of-the-range sportscar, but to another, it could be looking after family and achieving financial freedom. We all experience small successes every day, such as completing a work out or finding the last parking space. It’s all about perception and having a positive mindset.

It’s easy to forget how these daily victories can turn into major wins. Some of the most influential people in the world started small. JK Rowling put her everything into writing Harry Potter, only to have the books rejected multiple times by publishers. Instead of giving up, she continued to focus on the end goal and eventually went on to become one of the most popular and well-known writers around.

If we all focused on our own small successes, using them as motivation to achieve our dreams, the big ones won’t seem so far away. Habits play a big part in this process – as humans we like routine and the feeling of stability. For example, brushing our teeth in the morning.

I think we’d all agree that it’s something we do without even thinking, a healthy habit that has been instilled in us by our parents from a very young age. We were taught that it was good for us and so we continued it on into our adult lives. What many people forget is that it’s possible to create new habits and turn them into something we do without thinking.

Healthy habits can be anything from meditation to eating an extra piece of fruit every day. Now I’m sure you’re wondering; how do these habits translate into success? When you lead an organised, productive life, you’ll feel ready to take on any challenge life throws at you.

If you’re not sleeping properly, eating unhealthily and letting life get on top of you, even the smallest of tasks will feel impossible.

Making small but important changes will create a solid path to success.

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